Who are we? Two sisters, twins to be exact. working together no matter the miles between us. How do we do it? Lots and lots of brainstorming together and constantly encouraging and pushing one another creatively. What we do? We express love, romance, new life, happiness and beauty on paper through art for you.

Meet Lauren

I’m truly blessed. I’ve had the same best friend for 25 years. I tend to get lost in my thoughts.
I’m a bit clumsy. I’m not one for scary movies. I read magazines back to front. Everyone has a secret indulgence, mine just happens to be a good book. I have a new found love for chocolate. I’m the biggest animal/dog lover. My go to color to wear is almost always black. I wish I could eat sweet potato fries every day. My favorite childhood memories are Sundays at my grandparent’s house, and getting the whole family together to eat home cooked Italian food (I miss those days more than anything).

Meet Blake

I’m a dreamer. Lover of the Beatles and most things from the 70′s. I’m constantly changing my hairstyle.
I live in color. I’m a sucker for anything written by James Patterson. I love to paint and I enjoy a good challenge. I used to think that the words to The Beach Boys “Little Deuce Coupe” was actually “Little Loose Tooth!” I claim that “odd is even”. My best friend looks just like me and I think I am the luckiest girl in the world because I married my childhood friend of 12 years! I enjoy boating and soaking up the sun on the weekends in this vacation place I like to call home. I love my life and my future! My favorite childhood memory is rocking back and forth in the old wooden rocking chair with my sis until it finally went all the way backwards and we were folded up in it laughing out loud.